A sampling of what my clients have to say about their yoga experience.

Meredith Brown is a truly amazing yoga teacher and person. During my recovery from a concussion there was not a lot of activity that I could endure. Her Gentle Yoga class was a life saver for me as it allowed me to practice at my own pace and provided me with much needed movement of my body after spending the first six weeks of my recovery primarily in bed. Meredith makes sure everyone in the class is comfortable with what they are doing and provides a variety of options that allow people with a wide range of skill levels the ability to enjoy the class.

– Dan P.


I wanted to give a special thank you to you, for the many weeks of sharing care, guidance, knowledge and positive realistic support, as well as the unreal yoga of course!!!
I used all the breathing techniques you taught, and more than once, visualized you and our class breathing and meditating and moving. 
Our midwives knew I had done Prenatal Yoga, and shared how they had never seen someone engaged in such a positive natural birthing process, the first time. They said I could teach a class! Haha I said, no way, just send them to Meredith!!! 
They of course are now in love with you, as is everyone who meets you! I cannot thank you enough ... 
We had a great birth experience. I kept moving and swaying for as long as I could, from first contraction. The partner hip squeezes and breathing techniques were winners! 
Please share with the soon to be moms in class, that they can do it!!!!!! And honest truth, the breathing and deep low sounds to push away the pain, REALLY help!!!! Thank you again! 

– Amanda, super proud and loving new mommy


My best friend and I started yoga when we were about 10, we stopped after a year or two. Two years ago we decided it would be fun to start yoga again, so we did. After the first class we both felt so relieved, and calm, and were confused as to why we had ever stopped. Since starting yoga classes with Meredith at the Yoga Collective it has shown me how important it is to take care of your mind and body, and what a wonderful way to do so. I’ve learned what is good for your body, and how it should move, which I had no clue was so important. I feel so relaxed when I wake up Monday morning and remember I get to go do yoga for an hour after school. By going to yoga once a week I have realized who I want to be, and how I want to treat people, I have learned so much from meredith, and couldn’t have asked for a better yoga teacher! 

– Kate, student


As a pregnant Mama with a young toddler, I have found that my Wednesdays with Meredith help bring a renewed energy back into a hectic day. I am looking forward to getting involved with other Mama and baby classes! 

– Stephanie D.


Taking Meredith's Prenatal Yoga class was one of the best things I did while pregnant. As a first-time soon to be mom, she provided me with invaluable information during the beginning of each class about the stages of pregnancy, child birth and what to expect after giving birth. Her class made me feel more confident in my body and strengthened my mind, ultimately leading me to have a more relaxed and joyful pregnancy and birth experience. It was truly an amazing class and I would highly recommend it to anybody! 

– Meaghan R.


Without a doubt, the single most important tool I used during labour was the breathing technique we learned in Meredith's class. It was essential to keep me calm and focused, it contributed greatly to a wonderful birth experience. 

–  Chloe M.


Meredith teaches and advises on proper alignment of poses and avoiding unnecessary injuries for all levels, which is very important.

She teaches in a class multiple options from basic up to advanced and encourage people to listen to their bodies and what they need at that moment of time vs. worrying about the person beside them and what they are doing. Meredith also reads the students’ level differences in her classes well and adjusts class accordingly. She integrates breathing as important element vs. focusing on just the physical.

As Meredith evolves in her own personal yoga practice and meditation she shares these experiences and thoughts openly with her classes and encourages others to look beyond and think about more than just the obvious physical benefits of the practice.

– Pat R.


Meredith, I love both your gentle and vigorous core strength classes. They’ve benefitted me physically & mentally for the past couple of years. I enjoy the mixture of poses, great music, and mindful meditations. I really love the philosophy in class that yoga helps us deal more effectively with hard times and frustrations. I really believe that this is true for me as a result of your classes. Thanks so much! 

– Leanna C.


Meredith's Wednesday Core Strength Vinyasa Flow classes change my week! By the time Wednesday rolls around I am so ready for a good stretch, some invigorating movement and some calming meditation. I so appreciate Meredith's level-headed approach to yoga and always leave the class feeling better than before. 

– Emily C.


I asked my 9 year old daughter Emelia about her experience in Meredith’s Children’s Yoga class and got the response, "Yoga is AWESOME!” It is not a lengthy testimonial, but a sincere one! 

– Janis A.


I love Meredith's classes. She is so inclusive and caring. She doesn't make you do anything that you don't want to do.” Meredith taught me savasana and meditation and it helps me get to sleep at night.” I love all the poses Meredith teaches me. They make me feel so flexible!

– Ella (student in children's and teen yoga for the last 5 years)


When a friend suggested that I might enjoy attending one of Meredith’s yoga classes a number of years ago, I could never have imagined that I would stick with it or what an impact it would have on my life! Physically and emotionally, it’s been transformative. I feel stronger and more flexible, but even more significantly, it has become a tool to help me manage stress and anxiety. Meredith is an incredibly talented and committed teacher. Every class is different – she is always mixing in new poses and refining old poses. Safety and the importance of each student practicing at his or her own level is always a priority. I don’t think you could find a better yoga teacher anywhere. 

– Sharon M.


It was a pleasure to attend Meredith's Prenatal Yoga class. I looked forward to it every week and always felt recharged and relaxed afterwards. Meredith's Confident Childbirth Hypnotherapy was also fantastic in helping me feel well prepared for the birth of our little girl.Taking time for myself daily to lay down, focus on my breathing, and relax my achy pregnant body while listening to Meredith's soothing voice on my iPod really helped clear away those first time Mom worries.

When the time came for our baby to arrive, it was the most intense amazing thing my body has ever done. I felt a greater sense of confidence and positivity due to my work with Meredith. With the Midwives and my wonderful calm husband cheering me on, we proudly brought our healthy little girl into the world at home. What a joy! 

– Rachel, Engineer


Meeting Meredith and participating in her prenatal yoga class made a huge difference in how I viewed my pregnancy and the birthing experience. I had a very 'blissful' experience and I feel I owe a lot of that to her and the class. She opened our eyes to our fears and reservations and taught us to own our experience and be mindful. Because of Meredith I loved every minute of pregnancy and child birth. And because of her I powered through my initial struggle to breastfeed and hung on because she had shared that it may not be easy at first, but it would get better, and it did. My daughter is almost a year and time sure has flown by. I have taken in every minute and feel very lucky. And I'm still breastfeeding! 

– Kelly Deeks-Johnson, Advancement Officer, St. Paul's University College at The University of Waterloo.


I started taking Meredith's pre-natal yoga classes midway through my pregnancy. Before I had taken a couple classes through my gym but nothing compares to what Meredith taught me and what I was able to do. I used techniques learned in her class to help me get through the labour and delivery of my first child. Without this class I truly do not know how I would have gotten through it all. Her reassurance and soothing way made me feel confident and strong, enough so that I knew I could handle whatever came along. 

– Dina and Norah


Living in the country, I have to drive 40 minutes to Meredith's Yoga Class but it is more than worth it in Restorative value to me. It was some years since I had attended yoga classes, so I wondered if I should have a 'refresher' with Meredith one-on-one first. However, she assured me that I would be able to fit in with the first class and so it has proved. No-one need hang back for fear of lack of familiarity. Each class is peaceful and unhurried but instructions and demonstrations are clear and fun to follow. Every class is a little different as Meredith weaves a flowing pattern from the familiar poses to modified or completely new movements. We are encouraged to stretch gently only as far as we feel comfortable and there are different levels offered for those of uswith stiff shoulders or wobbly knees. Several twinges of mine have improved or disappeared and balance is coming along too. The class atmosphere is tranquil, peaceful and without strain. The studio is light-filled with high ceilings; warm in winter and cool in summer. Meredith comes around during the class to help with poses and relaxation moves. She also kindly distributes pillows, blankets and eye-masks for complete end of class restorative yoga breathing! So one leaves restored, refreshed and energized. I would warmly encourage any one to join us even if you only have to walk to class! 

– Vyvyan B.


My students at Stratford Central Secondary School ages 14 - 18 are thrilled to have Meredith come in to teach Yoga classes. She has a wonderful rapport with the girls and provides them with a class that is perfect for their age and ability level. Although some may be initially reluctant to try Yoga, 100% of them are always thrilled by the end of the class.

They enjoy the strength, flexibility and balance work as well as a peaceful mediatative component at the end of class. They are please to enjoy a work out that is beneficial for them both physically and mentally! I am always so pleased to see my students find a new healthy lifelong activity that many choose to pursue. Meredith teaches a wonderful class for beginners or experienced students offering different levels and options for all poses and balances. We also appreciate how complimentary and supportive Meredith is for all of the girls. They all leave the class feeling proud of what they have been personally able to accomplish. 

– Cathy M., Secondary School Teacher


I have been taking yoga classes under Meredith's instruction since 2004. I have practiced restorative yoga, ashtanga yoga, prenatal yoga, mom and baby yoga, and even yoga at my workplace under Meredith's guidance. Every class has been amazing! I have felt myself grow stronger, stand taller, and enjoy better health – and celebrated two wonderful, healthy pregnancies – thanks to Meredith's yoga instruction.

– Rebecca H., Communications Manager


Pre-natal and baby/parent yoga with Meredith has been one of the best things I've done. Meredith is a gentle, caring and warm person who will put you at ease as soon as you enter the studio. She gets to know you (and your baby) and genuinely cares about your well-being. Besides her endearing personality, her talent in yoga instruction is the best I've seen. She understands that everyone is at a different comfort level and always offers options for all participants. A bonus is that she sets an excellent example of great health and well-being. I highly recommend a class with Meredith!

– Jessica B., Secondary School Teacher


I thought I would try Yoga as part of a quest to reduce my neck and shoulder pain. I was drawn to continue the class firstly because Meredith has a very science based method of delivering her class that enables an ex-athlete to bond with yoga as a sport. I was excited to continue as I found the class helped reduce my neck pain and a lot of other muscular pain while improving my balance and flexibility. I discovered new muscles that I have not used in decades. But truly, that is not what keeps me wanting to come back and join the class. It is something a little more magical that defies normal sentence structure. I could only come up with a quick, simple verse.

I think it is her voice.
a soothing, comforting slow dance into a special world of peace.
slowly stretching my body
continuously opening my mind

– Joe


I began yoga practice while at university and although I found it was helpful for my lack of flexibility, I found myself feeling frustrated after each class. I did not relate to the instructors and their style did not leave me feeling relaxed, refreshed or strengthened. When I returned to Stratford I was fortunate to meet Meredith through my workplace’s lunch-time class and my perspective completely changed. Meredith’s teaching style and personal presence became something that I looked forward to each week and I began to truly appreciate yoga for everything that it brings to a person. Her ability to work with anyone at any level and to teach them what yoga really has to offer is among her greatest strengths. I now truly enjoy my yoga practice and look forward to many more years of increased strength and flexibility!! 

– Chera, Communications Manager


It was in Meredith's yoga class that I first felt at home in Stratford. Her genuine, irrepressible interest in each of her students' practices was remarkable. She is a great teacher who is passionate about her craft and manages to also squeeze in tons of information about the benifits of the poses in a seamless, subtle way. From her choice of music (or the soothing sound of her voice), to the gentle hands-on corrections she offers, to the little eye beanbags she gives out at the end of class, an hour in Meredith's class always feels like a trip to the self-care spa. Thanks Meredith! 

– KLM, Teacher


There are very few people like Meredith. She is a real healer! 

– Monique H., Honours BA, CIM


To me, Meredith and her yoga classes are the resemblance of a warm, comforting womb... where her love shines through and makes me feel safe, connected and accepted. Where whatever I can do is okay. Just being in her yoga classes relaxes and bring me peace – a light feeling when I go home to my responsibilities of being a mother of a child with a disability and my own health issues. 

– N. Manley, Mother


Meredith is a superb teacher. Meredith has extensive knowledge and is able to adapt yoga positions to accommodate difficulties a class member may be experiencing. Unconditionally, I would recommend Meredith as a teacher. 

– Barb W., Retired Teacher