A sampling of what my clients have to say about their hypnotherapy experience.

I was extremely particular in seeking out a source to assist me with my therapy.
I required someone that I could relate to, someone I could trust and most importantly someone who would be able to help me become a strong, confident woman.

My experience has been amazing. I have made great progress thanks to Meredith.

She explains things in a way that makes sense. She shares her knowledge in a logical manner, getting to the root cause of issues, and giving me the perspective to see things differently, all the while making me feel comfortable and secure in her care.

I have times where I have felt better than I have in years and I know in time I will have peace of mind and confidence thanks to the compassionate, thorough care that I receive with Meredith.

– Lisa S, Mom / retail manager


I came to Meredith to prepare for a drug-free (I hoped) childbirth. When I learned early on that a caesarian was inevitable, we switched our focus to hypnotherapy for surgery. Meredith's work was practical, non-mysterious and profoundly helpful. I entered surgery relaxed and able to communicate easily with the surgeons. What could have been frightening became a joyful time. I felt well prepared. I recommend Meredith's work highly.

– Marion D.


I was drawn to Meredith after seeing her speak at two seminars I attended in Stratford. Something she said just clicked with me. All my life, I had food issues and it was the one thing I couldn't seem to resolve on my own. I didn't know where it was coming from and I was very tired of trying to control it. After 3 sessions and dedicated use of the beautiful personalized CD she made for me, I made amazing progress. I feel free. I didn't go to Meredith to lose weight because I felt fine with myself. However, I have dropped from a size 10 to a 6. This was a surprise. I guess that "controlling myself" wasn't working! But the very best result of my sessions is the feeling of freedom. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Meredith.

– E., Retired Professional


I was a first time mom, enjoying pregnancy, but the dreaded pain of labour and delivery was always in the back of my mind. I was determined to have a drug free, intervention free delivery. And I was looking for a tool to mentally prepare myself for that journey. I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions with Meredith, and each one built upon the last. I especially loved the personalized cd's to use at home. The daily quiet time was great for relaxation and helped me to focus and to bond with my unborn baby. When my contractions began, I felt no fear about what was coming, only a sense of excitement. I felt relaxed and in control throughout, which allowed me to stay at home for the majority of my labour. The confident child birthing hypnotherapy sessions empowered me to embrace the entire process of labour and delivery. In the end, I enjoyed the process of labour and delivery because with Meredith's help, I felt confident in my body's ability to birth. Without hesitation, I definitely highly recommend the Confident Child Birthing sessions with Meredith, to any expectant mother.

– Jill F., Paramedic


Meredith helped me stop a nasty life-long nail-biting habit through the effective use of hypnosis and empowered me to embrace a more positive and affirming view of myself. She was intuitive and gentle in her approach and provided me we some practical tools to sustain lasting change.

– Anonymous


It was a pleasure to attend Meredith's Prenatal Yoga class. I looked forward to it every week and always felt recharged and relaxed afterwards. Meredith's Confident Childbirth Hypnotherapy was also fantastic in helping me feel well prepared for the birth of our little girl.Taking time for myself daily to lay down, focus on my breathing, and relax my achy pregnant body while listening to Meredith's soothing voice on my iPod really helped clear away those first time Mom worries.

When the time came for our baby to arrive, it was the most intense amazing thing my body has ever done. I felt a greater sense of confidence and positivity due to my work with Meredith. With the Midwives and my wonderful calm husband cheering me on, we proudly brought our healthy little girl into the world at home. What a joy!

– Rachel, Engineer


When my husband and I found out we were expecting our first baby, we were thrilled – finally we were staring a family together. Excited to experience pregnancy and knowing we would be great parents, it was just labour and child birth I was fearing. My mother had rough deliveries with my brother and I, as well as suffering from post partum depression. Soon I began having nightmares about labour and knew I couldn't spend the rest of pregnancy losing sleep and living in fear.

After meeting Meredith through prenatal yoga sessions, I decided to work with her and practice hypnotherapy to prepare for a more confident childbirth. By listening to Meredith's soothing voice and the confident childbirth scrip during pregnancy, my attitude turned from fear to confidence. When contractions began, I was able to relax my mind and muscles, confident my body could handle this. My labour was relatively short – just over 8 hours from the first 'real' contractions to delivery - most of which I was able to spend comfortable in my own home.

I KNOW labour went so smoothly because of my work with Meredith. Since, I have been spreading the word of my great experience to everyone! I absolutely recommend hypnotherapy to any women who may be uncertain about birth.

Thank you so much Meredith for all of your love and support!

– April Barker, Marketing Administration


Being a first-time mom, I had read a lot and heard a lot about the birthing process, and all I knew is that if I could make it better, I wanted to. I had heard so much about hypnotherapy and my consultation with Meredith helped me decide that it would be a great addition to my first-time experience with childbirth. In the weeks and months leading up to labour, listening to her Confident Childbirth scripts on my iPod daily provided me with an incredible amount of relaxation and positive reinforcement. I am a pretty high-energy person with a lot to do all day and often practicing self-hypnosis with her scripts would completely transform my state – from feeling overwhelmed with errands and anticipation for birth, to being completely relaxed and confident. I was always pleasantly surprised at what a great mood I would be in after listening to the scripts. I unexpectedly went into labour 5 weeks early but was still able to employ the relaxation techniques all through the first stages of labour, right up until active labour began. Meredith is an amazing, positive, knowledgeable energy. Her sessions allowed me to be more confident and to shut out a lot of the opinions and ideas I kept hearing about labour and pain relief, and just go with it in as relaxed a state as possible. Even post-birth I am employing the same relaxation techniques to sleep while my baby sleeps. I recommend Meredith's services to everyone. Take advantage and do it early in your pregnancy if you can! Learning to relax this way is a gift that you give yourself and your baby. I am sure my son and I had a better birth experience because I went into childbirth confidently with Meredith's help.

– Mary, Musician


I first experienced hypnotherapy after having a miscarriage. I could not handle my grief over the loss of that very wanted child. Meredith helped me heal and be able to come to terms with the loss. I also used hypnotherapy to handle the loss of my father, coming to terms with a difficult childhood, for preparing for surgery, and dealing with infertility. I have tried years of conventional therapy but nothing worked as quickly and effectively as hypnotherapy for me.

Naturally when I did conceive another child I wanted to use hypnotherapy. I had a lot of fear that I would also lose this child as well as fear of the medical system. I strongly believe Meredith helped me create an environment within myself that this child could thrive in. I had an extremely fast drug free labour and delivery, I believe because I was able to manage my fears and stay calm.

I never felt vulnerable with Meredith, she never judged me for what I was going through. I am a sceptical person, but this really worked for me. I am a different person, a better person because of it. Meredith truly has a gift. If you are thinking of trying hypnotherapy just do it! You will thank yourself for taking the leap, trust me.

– D. Nyland, Customer Service Representative


I first went to Meredith Brown for hypnotherapy to resolve issues that I felt were holding me back in my life, and keeping me from being the best that I could be. One of those issues was S.A.D. (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I knew that it was time to do something, when I had gotten to the point, where I started to fear winter in August! Through her guidance, compassion and the carefully worded CD's that Meredith customized for me, I was, rather quickly able to change my thinking and overcome the feelings of anxiety and despair around winter. I became more positive and present in general, and the winter of 2008-2009 was probably the best winter I've ever had as an adult (I'm in my 50's). Meredith has a gift and I am forever grateful that she came into my life and that when the opportunity presented itself, I said 'Yes'!

– Judy H.


Working with Meredith throughout my pregnancy, mentally prepared me for the birthing experience. Prenatal yoga and hypnotherapy sessions allowed me to embark on the journey of labour at ease and with confidence. I was able to truly enjoy the process of being pregnant and giving birth. Just as I would prepare for any physical or mental test in life, I wanted to give that same attention and preparation to birth, and Meredith gave me the tools to do so and as a result completed the experience for me.

– Jessica T., Health Promoter


I sought Meredith's help while pregnant with my second baby. Meredith taught me relaxation techniques that proved to be extremely effective during my labour and delivery, but more importantly, I was able identify the troublesome emotions associated with my first labour through Meredith's calm and compassionate guidance and process them in a safe environment. This helped me to view my approaching second labour with a more positive attitude and I believe this is why my second labour was so much easier. My sessions with Meredith were so helpful that I think her guided relaxation and hypnotherapy sessions should be an essential part of prenatal preparations for all moms to be!

– Anna M.


Original issue: anxiety / low self esteem around being assertive / creative

When I first decided to do hypnotherapy with Meredith, I was excited to try something new but I had no idea what kind of transformation I was in for. Even from doing a focused inventory of self-talk in order to prepare the sessions, I began to sense how powerful the work was. The work feels very focused, specific and directive. I've tried a number of counselling and therapy approaches over the years but nothing has left me with a sense of results the way hypnotherapy has. I had the chance to go back to some original hurts, care for them, have conversations around them, develop insights on them all on such a deep level of relaxation, that the results feel more... focused, solid and lasting. My wounds have not disappeared but have changed shape, weight and intensity. I also loved the tapes. It was striking how cumulative they were, slightly beneficial at first, as I battled with my pride to actually sit down and do them. But a few weeks in, each time I listened I couldn't help notice how I'd felt washed over with a optimism, positivity and rejuvination. I sensed that deep stuff was shifting in me, that I was changed by it.

– Karen M., Social Worker


For those of us in need of gentle guidance in our lives, help overcoming fears or time for ourselves I cannot help but recommend a hypnotherapy session with Meredith. Her compassion, kindess and knowledge are remarkable. I felt totally at ease with Meredith – she is professional, down to earth, thoughtful and supportive – like a friend you've had for years. I left each session feeling the benefits of deep relaxation – calmness, clear mind, resounding inner peace – along with feelings of hope and joy. I thoroughly enjoy the personalized relaxation cds for home use. As I say it's a like a little "Meredith-To-Go". While at times it can seem challenging to face our fears or try something new, what we stand to lose can be far more greater. Don't lose the chance to make your life better, no matter what your challenges may be.

– Amanda D., Workplace Program Coordinator


Meredith is a skilled and compassionate hypnotherapist. Her expertise and wisdom have guided me on a journey of self-discovery and brought me a deep level of personal healing. For the freedom of spirit that Meredith has enabled me to achieve I am profoundly grateful.

– Catherine


Relieving stress in my life brought me to try hypnotherapy sessions with Meredith Brown. Previous treatments to relieve problem psoriasis had failed and a friend suggested that stress might be a factor. Treatments and audio tapes guided me through relaxation exercises, allowing my busy mind to still – something I had failed to be able to truly do despite continuous practice. Meditation allows an individual the ability to “chill” when tension arises – anywhere, anytime. My skin has improved with the reduction of stress and I can’t thank you for that precious gift.

– Maggie, Mom, Wife, Friend


I came to hypnotherapy in hopes of dealing with a chronic and severe sleep problem. I had tried conventional psychotherapy, accupuncture, meditation, and medication(s). No luck there. However, the hypnotherapy sessions did provide me with a basis from which I was able to make some attitudinal and behavioural changes that have been very beneficial. I sleep much better now and reliably so.

– Paul S., Retired Auto Executive


Hypnotherapy helped me when I was at a crossroads in my personal development. My wishpath had been "under construction" for a while and Meredith helped me clear some roadblocks. After our work together everything started falling into place and I have the feeling I can finally move forward

– Daniella E., Department Secretary


I found that the hypnotherapy gave me permission to take time each day for myself to relax & focus on positive outcomes for the birth. I believe that my positive thoughts enabled my body to relax during labour and to deliver without complication.

– Lindsey F., Registered Nurse


During my pregnancy, I was continuously looking for ways to have an all natural childbirth with limited pain and no stitches. Many people with whom I spoke told me I was being unrealistic. However, there were two people with whom I spoke who shared very positive stories about the births of their children. One told her story as a euphoric journey. She said it was an absolutely wonderful experience. She mentioned she had used hypnotherapy for childbirth.

I was taking prenatal yoga at the time with Meredith and inquired about her Confident Childbirth Hypnotherapy Program. We started our initial visit shortly afterward. I practiced what I was taught every day and it became easier and easier to drop quite quickly into a very relaxed state with mental focus on letting go of the pain response in specific areas of the body. I hoped to avoid taking pain medicine and to avoid having an episiotomy or stitches.

At two weeks past my due date, I was booked to be induced. They started with proglastin gel and then they broke my water and then gave me Pitocin. I relied on my partner throughout and breathed in and out slowly and deeply as contractions grew in intensity. Everyone in the room helped to create a calm atmosphere which included soft music. My mindset was very confident and I found that by focusing on everything I had learned I was very relaxed. Relaxing mentally and physically and using the different breathing techniques I had learned took the pain away. I didn't think about wanting pain medicine once.

After pushing hard for two hours, the midwife and obstetrician said my pelvis was tilted and that I could use some help. The vacuum extractor was used after a little convincing. I again told myself "Everything is as it should be." The urge to push came again and with the extra help and two big pushes, my beautiful son was born.

After his birth, everyone had similar comments. "We can't believe how calm and relaxed you were." One nurse also said, "I'll never forget this for the rest of my life. Where you went during the contractions left a smile on your face; I've never seen anything like it." The birth of my son was a dream. The reality now is we have had an amazing experience and I know without Meredith and her Confident Childbirth Hypnotherapy Program it would have been very different. Thank you Meredith! P.S. I didn't need any stitches!

– S. Dekker, Hair Dresser