yoga • hypnotherapy • shiatsu


Yoga Classes


wishpath prenatal Yoga
Pre-registration required

This class helps mothers-to-be to connect with their bodies and babies in a way that builds confidence and intuition in preparation for birth and motherhood.


wishpath parent & baby yoga
Pre-registration required

The Parent and Baby Yoga classes offer exercises for both parent and baby, but will focus mainly on giving mom or dad a welcome opportunity to stretch, strengthen, relax and renew energy levels.


Gentle Wishpath Vinyasa Yoga
open class : drop in anytime

Learn to live and move from centre with a gentle flow of standing poses followed by deep relaxation using bolsters and other props.


wishpath vinyasa yoga
open class : drop in any time

Learn to live and move from centre in a practice where poses are fluidly connected, and both the mind and body stretched and strengthened.


wishpath yoga for teens
pre-registration required

Yoga for Teens offers stress reduction and exercise in a happy non-competitive environment for students ages 12-17.


wishpath yoga for children
pre-registration required

Yoga for Children offers exercise and relaxation in a playful, fun format for students ages 6-12.



Hypnotherapy is based in neurosomatic sciences. It is therefore concerned with the relationship of mind and body and the subjective experiences of an individual.



‘Shin So’ means deeper level or deeper layer. Shin So Shiatsu is Tetsuro Saito's natural progression of the pioneering work accomplished by Masunaga Sensei and is steeped in the tradition of Zen style or Meridian based Shiatsu.

Shin So Shiatsu focuses on the assessment and treatment of all the meridian systems, or energy pathways in the body. 
Shin So diagnostic techniques make it possible to detect imbalances in these energy pathways. Meridian-based Shiatsu therapy derives its success from sensitivity to changes along the course of the meridian pathway.