Hypnotherapy is based in neurosomatic sciences. It is therefore concerned with the relationship of mind and body and the subjective experiences of an individual.

One’s mental, emotional and physical habits are based in the connections formed during childhood, between the neurons in the brain. Neuropathways are formed, dissolved and recreated through message repetition and intense emotional events or trauma. These experiences are rooted in the subconscious mind in the right side of the brain.

Understanding the subconscious is the best way of getting to know oneself. It composes roughly 90% of the mind and houses one’s imagination, memories, emotions and autonomic nervous system.

We often have very clear wishes and goals, but these often feel obstructed and difficult to achieve because of old programming and mental habits.

Hypnosis slows down brain waves from the conscious beta state to an alpha or a theta state. This allows the subconscious mind, and all that it holds, to come forward.

When one gains access to repressed memories and emotions in this manner, profound physiological and emotional healing and transformation can occur rapidly.

Hypnotherapy is proactive, in that the client uses hypnosis to access their own powerful abilities to facilitate permanent change.

Use hypnosis to accomplish :

Pain and symptom management

Transforming pessimism into optimism


Promotion of health and well being

Stress reduction

Confident childbirth

Spiritual and emotional therapy

Goal achievement

Weight reduction

Freedom from anxiety and phobias

Pre- and Post-surgical preparation

Smoking cessation

I always begin hypnotherapy work with an hour long consultation.  During this time, I demystify hypnotherapy and explain how it works therapeutically.  The client also shares about the healing work they wish to accomplish and together we create a vision for how to bring those wishes into reality.  Sessions can be in person or online.