Meredith Brown yoga pose on dock

The ancient science of hatha yoga is becoming more and more mainstream. There are almost as many different styles of yoga as there are people practising.

The benefits of yoga are countless. The yoga postures can be modified to suit any body type and can be enjoyed at any stage of life. Yoga restores strength and flexibility in all parts of the body.

With its focus on deep breathing and mindful movement, yoga helps to powerfully reduce the effects of chronic stress on the body. By allowing the nervous system to shift into its relaxation response, one’s immune, digestive, cardiovascular and hormonal systems can all come back into balance.

Individual instruction provides an opportunity to try yoga for the first time in a private setting. By working one-on-one with a qualified yoga teacher, it is possible to refine an established practice to ensure it is safe and meeting one’s needs.

What do I need to practice yoga?
Comfortable clothing, including a stretchy tank-top or t-shirt & loose pants. Bare feet are preferable. Bring or borrow a yoga stickymat.

Group yoga classes
Meredith also instructs at The Yoga Collective. Visit their site to view the class schedule.

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